Plastic Aerators Print

1-HP Plastic AeratorBig John Aerators now offers a new corrosion-resistant plastic aerator that is ideal for use in ponds with low pH or high salinity. These new aerators have the following quality features:

  • Marine grade, stress relieved, and UV-stabilized plastic
  • The toughest marine HDPE available
  • Are impervious to salt and moisture
  • High heat distortion temperature to resist softening
  • Materials are extruded and exhibit consistent color with matte finish
  • Compact spiral design
  • Closed-cell foam flotation enclosed in the frame
  • Double-reduction in-line gear motors
  • Water-lubricated bearings¬†

Plastic aerators are offered in 1/2 HP, 1-HP, and 2-HP models.

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*Click Here for Engineer's Statement of Oxygen Transfer Rates