Take a look at what these Big John customers have to say about our aerators:

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Don Keller of American Sportfish Hatchery

"We have depended on Big John aerators for almost 20 years. Our intensive culture of game fish, such as Tiger Bass, are a valuable crop. We have to depend on the very best for our aeration needs. Big John Aerators have the reliability and durability that we can count on."

--Don Keller, Owner of American Sportfish Hatchery





Scott Cherones of Southeastern Pond Management

“We have been recommending Big John electric and PTO driven aerators to our customers for over 15 years with incredible results.  There is no better product on the market for quality of workmanship and longevity of operation.”

--Scott Cherones, Co-owner of Southeastern Pond Management






Big John Aerator

"I have looked at a lot of other brands of aerators over the years and I've never thought once of changing from "Big John".  I have been running them for 24 years and I am still running six of the original units.  I am very pleased with their performance."

 --Milton Taylor, Taylor Made Catfish Farm, Moulton, Alabama 




Gordon Lipscomb, Acuatam S. A., Tampico, Mexico"Big John aerators have paid for themselves since we first used them.  We have had Big John's on the farm for 9 years and they've kept our shrimp alive many a night and let me sleep a little bit easier."

--Gordon Lipscomb, Acuatam S.A., Tampico, Mexico 




Little John Paddlewheels"The thing that I like best about my Little John paddlewheels is that my electricity cost is less than half what it was with other brands I've used in the past. The first paddlewheel that I purchased from Big John was at least 10 years ago. I still use it all year  and it runs 24/7."

--Bill Benson, Catfish Corner, Mesquite, Texas


New Plastic Aerator


Big John Aerators Introduces the All New Plastic Paddlewheel Aerator

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2-HP Plastic Aerator

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